UPS Maintenance Tips by OEM System

Your company’s UPS system is important: it protects your computers, data centers, and electrotonic equipment in the event of an unforeseen loss of power. Without the backup a UPS system provides, loss of power can lead to a range of catastrophic outcomes, from data loss and business disruption to injuries and fatalities. Regardless of your UPS system’s manufacturer, both preventive and corrective maintenance are key to keeping your UPS system performing its best. Facility Gateway provides:


·        Eaton UPS Maintenance

·        Vertiv and Liebert UPS Maintenance

·        APC UPS Maintenance

·        MGE UPS Maintenance

·        Mitsubishi UPS Maintenance

·        Toshiba UPS Maintenance

·        Chloride UPS Maintenance

·        Ametek UPS Maintenance

·        Maintenance for a range of UPS systems designed by other OEMs


Facility Gateway can provide the best corrective and preventative maintenance service for your UPS system, regardless of its original manufacturer.


If you have a UPS system, here are some questions to consider in regard to its maintenance:


·        Am I able to calculate how much money the failure of my UPS system would cost my company?

·        If our UPS system was to fail, how would our company be affected? Would we lose sales? Would production be affected? Would we lose information on our servers?

·        What is the cost of downtime in the event of a UPS system failure? How long could our company sustain a complete power loss?

·        Do we have preventative maintenance scheduled for our UPS system?

·        Has our company factored the cost of both preventative and corrective maintenance for our UPS system into our budget?


Considering the risks involved in the loss of function of your UPS system paints a picture of the importance of preventative maintenance. Once your company has calculated the cost of downtime in terms of hours, days, or even weeks – it becomes clear that preventative maintenance is a cost that pays for itself. Further, the diligent maintenance of your UPS system will prolong its useful life, making the most of the initial investment in your UPS system.


Facility Gateway offers a range of services for UPS systems. Our technicians have received specialized training on UPS systems manufactured by Eaton, Liebert, APC, MGE, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, and GE, as well as a range of UPS systems designed by other OEMs.


UPS Maintenance by OEM


All manufacturers of UPS systems stress the importance of regular preventative maintenance to protect your safety and prolong the useful lifetime of their UPS systems.


Eaton UPS Maintenance

According to Eaton, 60 percent of UPS system failures are due to human errors, and 40 percent of all UPS system failures are due to the failure of the system’s parts. Eaton stresses that companies can get the most out of the performance and reliability of their Eaton UPS systems and components, including batteries, capacitors, and fans with preventative maintenance and regularly scheduled replacement services.


Vertiv and Liebert UPS Maintenance

Emerson highlights the importance of having trained personnel responsible for the maintenance of your UPS system. Personnel at Facility Gateway are able to inspect all the system’s major components and take care of corrective maintenance needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.


APC UPS Maintenance / MGE UPS Maintenance

Schneider also emphasizes that for its UPS systems, including both APC and MGE UPS systems, preventative maintenance is more important and effective than corrective maintenance.  Schneider underscores that companies should proactively replace the components of their UPS systems, for example, the system’s capacitators and fans, before a component failure. Doing so, according to the manufacturer, will prolong the life of the UPS system and lower the risk of costly system downtime.


Mitsubishi UPS Maintenance

Mitsubishi accentuates the importance of proactive maintenance. Facility Gateway has the ability to verify that your Mitsubishi UPS system will perform to manufacturer’s specifications.


Toshiba UPS Maintenance

Toshiba recommends annual maintenance to ensure maximum reliability and performance for your UPS system. Toshiba stresses that regular maintenance, as well as preventative maintenance plans, are critical.


Chloride UPS Maintenance

According to the manufacturer, a comprehensive preventive maintenance program for your Chloride UPS batteries is “one of the most cost-effective measures you can take to ensure system reliability and prevent costly downtime.” They also iterate while their UPS systems are designed to operate for twenty years or longer, they will need “timely part replacements to function properly.”


Ametek UPS Maintenance

In its user manuals, Ametek warns owners of their UPS systems that the UPS, like other manufacturer’s UPS systems, has dangerously high voltages on both its input and output connections. Because contact with these high voltages can be life threatening, experienced professionals are the safest option for both preventative and corrective maintenance. Ametek underlines that there are no user-serviceable parts inside the UPS system. Therefore, all maintenance should be done by trained professionals only.


Tips for UPS Maintenance (all OEMs)

Locate your manufacturer’s user manual. This will contain general information for basic in-house maintenance. In a pinch, you can consult the manual for troubleshooting and diagnostics purposes.


Remember, however, that physical maintenance and troubleshooting should only be performed by a trained professional. Keep in mind that your UPS system involves high voltage within its modules that can be extremely dangerous. Your UPS modules’ voltage levels can be lethal even when the output circuit breaker is open. Always use caution when doing any in-house maintenance or troubleshooting. When in doubt, contact the trained professionals at Facility Gateway.


Retain your UPS system maintenance records. The purpose of preventative maintenance for your UPS system is the reduction, and hopefully, prevention of any operating problems. You should maintain all your UPS system maintenance records to keep a log of how often the system and its components are evaluated. The information will also be useful for future inspections. Make sure your records contain complete descriptions of the conditions of the UPS system components.


Keep a normal schedule for UPS maintenance. Scheduling maintenance for your UPS system based on recommendations from the UPS system original equipment manufacturer. Remember, however, that your UPS system is vital to the operation of critical loads. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to be safe, and schedule more frequent maintenance visits and inspections than the manufacturer advises. As previously mentioned, make sure your company keeps a record of data from each visit and inspection.


Make sure your UPS system receives a major inspection at least annually. Annual inspections are needed for smaller UPS systems. For medium to large sized UPS systems, your company should be contracted for at least semiannual major inspections. Proactive diagnostic procedures make the discovery of potential problems possible before they arise in actuality to the detriment of your company, causing costly downtimes


Facility Gateway understands the importance of proper UPS maintenance, regardless of its original manufacturer. To speak with one of our UPS system experts directly, we invite you to contact us via our online contact form, or start a chat with our team in the chat feature at the bottom right corner of this page!


Posted on

November 17, 2021