FGC believes in quality customer service and we’re not afraid to show it.  As the old adage states; “put your money where our mouth is” aligns with our integrity and we are willing to tie monetary SLAs to any Key Performance Indicator and any UPS contract to ensure we are accountable for our actions.  We understand the importance of your critical operation.  We leave it with you to consider us as your partner and we are willing to prove it with the FGC Guarantee.  Whether it is a guaranteed response time, lead time for repairs, FSR turn around, or PM completion SLA, we are up for the challenge.  We are not afraid to guarantee our performance.  


UPS maintenance, battery maintenance service area

Customized approach to your UPS Service needs

Facility Gateway Corporation (FGC) appreciates the complexity of managing a comprehensive and effective critical power infrastructure and will customize UPS service contracts to your individual company’s needs. We will serve as your single point of contact to manage your critical power UPS and batteries, dramatically reducing your burden, increasing uptime, utilizing available resources , and allowing you to focus on the success and growth of your business.


Our service team starts by communicating on-site with your IT and Facility Managers to learn your goals, level of service requirement, and overall maintenance program objective. We then create a detailed business proposal to meet your specific needs paying close attention to any feedback provided.  Our priority is to then oversee your method of procedures (MOPs), standard operating procedures (SOPs), and comprehensive service program to ensure all assets are performing to your standards.


Through our extensive post-PM technical review, we will examine your field service reports (FSR) and perform an open dialog assessment taking any CAPEX/OPEX requirements and cost saving opportunities into consideration regarding your UPS maintenance.


If an emergency arises call our National Operations Center (NOC) 24/7/365, who will assess, dispatch, and oversee equipment emergency issues quickly and accurately. After each emergency call, we will provide field service reports (FSR) and root cause analysis (RCA). We also implement necessary next actions with our field engineers to get your equipment back online ASAP. All MOPs and SOPs are followed 100% of the time.


Our service team can design a hybrid maintenance contract for all UPS systems to include different levels of service for each UPS.  For example, if you require PM ONLY, FULL SERVICE, and OEM WARRANTY on separate units, we can make that happen.  If you are looking to add different equipment to an existing UPS contract, we can become your single point of contact.  You have the opportunity to add batteries, generators, switchgear, HVAC cooling systems, fire suppression and other electrical/mechanical systems to an existing UPS service contract with FGC. Our vendor network includes OEM, third-party service companies, and FGC technicians placed on-site for expert support.


As part of our mission critical facility support services, FGC can assist with design and construction, site surveys, efficiency studies, and special projects related to mission critical power & cooling applications.  The projects include new build, retrofit, and expansion of existing data centers. We can also assist with asset disposition, recycling, and tear-outs as needed. Do not hesitate to call us for details.

UPS Service Coverage Options

PM Only

PM Plus

Full Service

* Emergency service is dispatched by FGC(Best effort guaranteed response time)
* Technical support is provided by FGC - (866)-255-6030
* OEM warranty has been exhausted
* Parts and Labor will be quoted
* Emergency service is dispatched by FGC
* Technical support is provided by FGC - (866)-255-6030
* OEM warranty has been exhausted
* Parts and Labor will be quoted
* Response time guarantee included
* Emergency service is dispatched by FGC
* Technical support is provided by FGC - (866)-255-6030
* OEM warranty has been exhausted
* Parts covered by FGC
* Labor covered by FGC
* Response time guarantee included

Included With Every Signed Contract

Dedicated  Service team consisting of a scheduler, a contract manager & a project manager

24x7x365  National Operation Center for emergency response & technical support

OEM  support for firmware, parts & repair needs available

Budget  planning for OPEX & CAPEX available

Facility  Keys asset management software included with web-based service reports

Preferred pricing on battery  replacements & T&M repairs