Case Study #6 UPS Battery Emergency Call at a Home Improvement Store

Type of Customer/Facility: Home improvement store

Location: New Hampshire  

Product: Cyberex 2200 18 kVA (Date Code: 2010) & backs up the store

Service Level: Full service contract includes scheduled preventative maintenance visits as well as 24/7 emergency service with a guaranteed response time.  All parts, labor, and travel are covered under a full service contract.

Summary: Batteries required replacement in February of 2021 for the Cyberex 2200 UPS System.

Preliminary Actions: Customer notified us on 2/1/2021 that the output failed abruptly on their Cyberex 2200 in the computer room and they had to switch the unit into test mode to restore power. Facility Gateway responded to the UPS battery emergency call with in the 4 hour response time and determined the unit had bad batteries.  The Field Technician ordered replacement batteries and had them shipped to the site.  FGC scheduled a battery replacement for 2/11/2021.

Project Timeline:

·       Customer Notification: 2/1/2021

·       Batteries ordered: 2/2/2021

·       Batteries delivered: 2/9/2021

·       Battery replacement performed: 2/11/2021

·       Project completed: 2/12/2021

Failed Parts: Yes; (48) HRL1234WF1FR (Provided by FGC)


1.    On 2/1/2021 the customer called into the POST (National Operation Center).

2.    The Post dispatched a technician for the site; the FE arrived onsite within the 4 hours guaranteed response time.

3.    It was determined the UPS had bad batteries, so FGC Field Technician contacted corporate purchasing to order batteries.

4.    Batteries arrived on site on 2/9/2021.

5.    Upon technician arrival on 2/11/2021, the site contact stated the replacement batteries associate with the Cyberex 2200 UPS were onsite

6.    The technician removed and replaced old batteries with new batteries provided by FGC.  All old batteries were properly recycled.

7.    Cyberex was placed into global bypass, shut down and restarted.

8.    Upon departure, UPS was back online, supporting critical load, with no alarms or faults present.

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March 25, 2021


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