Case Study #4: Emergency Call During a PM Service Visit

Type of Facility: Casino

Location: New Jersey

Product: Liebert AP377 100 kVA, backs up security system - Date Code: 2002

PM Service for UPS Summary:

Down UPS System discovered during a preventive maintenance for ups system visit at 8 AM on November 18, 2020. Contract is full service and the UPS is at its end of life/discontinued from the manufacture. Parts are no longer being manufactured from the OEM.

Service Level: Full Service contract includes all parts and labor covered during the PM visits, including emergency calls that we respond to during the contract term (excluding full capacitor replacement and batteries).

Preliminary Actions: UPS was found in Bypass with an inverter over-current phase A alarm. Our technician conducted further troubleshooting and checked all the capacitors and all were within specifications. FGC field engineer discovered discolored inductors in Phase A. The inductor overheated and was burnt during the normal operation, which caused the inverter leg over current and switched to bypass.

Mean Time to Repair (MTTR): 1 business day

Failed Parts: Yes, discussed possible replacement of the unit, but since the repair was feasible and the part was in stock, we moved forward with the repair. (1) Output inductor PN: 02-768711-00-3 (Since the unit was over 18 years old part purchased from a 3rd party vendor)


1. FGC parts team sourced & shipped needed parts for next day delivery at 10:51 AM on November 18, 2020.

2. Field engineer returned the next day to install replacement parts and placed the UPS System back into service.

3. Liebert AP377 was placed back online at 3:30 PM on November 19, 2020.

4. FGC called the customer following the successful repair to check in to make sure UPS is running without issues.

5. Customer was very pleased with the response and repair.

Posted on

November 30, 2020


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