Case Study #3 Parts availability/UPS Bypass

Type of Facility: Casino

Product: Eaton 9390 - 80 kva

Summary: Parts availability / UPS bypass

Preliminary Actions: Customer had a fan fail alarm on there Eaton 9390-80 kva UPS.   FGC shipped replacement fans and scheduled technician to do a fan replacement.   When the technician got onsite and found failed fan he noticed that one of the wires from the AC capacitor assembly had been sucked up into fan blades causing damage to the fan and compromising the wiring on the capacitors Assembly.  The UPS was put offline to ensure no further damage would be done to UPS.

Solutions:  OEM could not provide replacement capacitor assembly in a timely manner as parts had a 3-4 week lead time.   FGC was able to fabricate a new wiring assembly from information out technician took while onsite and source replacement capacitors direct from the supplier to get parts shipped in 2 days and our technician was back onsite within 3 days to get the UPS back online and running properly.

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September 1, 2020


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