UPS, PDUs, Switchgear, and Generators

FGC Service has the expertise to help select the appropriate UPS solution for your needs. When selecting a UPS system, we take the following into consideration; efficiency, price point, redundancy, and growth.  Your immediate needs are important, but we also like to discuss future needs during the selection process.  We understand the CAPEX budgeting process and we want to make sure your UPS is designed to last.  

UPS Equipment Sales from Facility Gateway Corporation
This is a room that houses UPS units. UPS (uninterruptible power supply systems) provide a clean source of power for our clients.

We hold strong relationships with many critical power manufacturers in the US. These critical power manufacturers include:
• Vertiv
• Eaton
• GE
• Toshiba
• Xtreme
• Cummins

Turnkey Installation
FGC Service can oversee the electrical installation of your UPS & battery equipment.  This includes freight, rigging the UPS and batteries, and manufacturer's startup.   We are able to work with your technician if you have one on-site. If you need an electrician, we can provide a local, licensed electrician to provide the service for you.  All our contractors are knowledgeable, experienced, and follow industry best practice when overseeing an intricate UPS installation project.  Nights, weekends, and after hours installation service is available and all SOPs and MOPs are pre-approved by the appropriate staff before initiating any work.

Conceptual Design
If you need help designing your next UPS project, FGC Service can help.  We can layout conceptual drawings quickly and efficiently to include floor plans, conceptual one-lines, efficiency studies, and load calculations.  If you are not sure what size UPS capacity to use or whether or not it will physically fit in your space, allow us to conduct a space planning exercise to make sure it will work. We can lay out multiple options to help you decide your next move.  

Efficiency Study
Did you know it is possible to offset up to 50% of your next UPS purchase with efficiency gains?  If your UPS is older, lightly loaded, or inefficient, FGC can produce an Efficiency Study that will show the overall OPEX savings available through utility bill reductions. We work off of current load levels and apply local utility rates to determine how much money you could be saving on your utility if you replaced your UPS with a more efficient model.  

Refurbished Equipment
FGC maintains several million dollars of quality refurbished equipment mostly collected as trade-ins from existing customers or past equipment deals.  This equipment is refurbished by our experienced technical support team with new capacitors, fans, and batteries.  All our refurbished equipment comes with a 1 year parts and labor warranty when we conduct the UPS start up process.

This in an infographic that labels the steps to creating our refurbished UPS units. The steps are acquire, refurbish, and recommission.