Do you need UPS Preventive Maintenance?

If you’re looking for a reliable technician to stop out on site to conduct a single PM “one-time” then we can support you. We understand that some UPS units do not require a maintenance contract but still need a professional checkup. Whether you are looking for a recommendation or simply budget conscience, FGC is willing to conduct a one-time UPS maintenance visit as necessary at any location.

One-Time PM UPS Scope

• Perform a complete visual inspection of all internal sub-assemblies, wiring harnesses, connections, cables, and major component        
• Check for proper clearance around the unit Perform temperature checks on all breakers, connections, and associated controls; report all high-temperature areas
• Check air filters for cleanliness; clean or replace
• Check rectifier and inverter snubber circuit board for discoloration
• Check power capacitors for swelling or leakage
• Check capacitor vent caps extruded more than 1/8 fans for proper operation
• Lubricate and check bearings for abnormal condition, where possible
• Record all meter readings and calibrate as necessary, where possible
• Measure and record phase-to-phase input, output, bypass, and battery voltages and currents, where possible
• Review alarm log/history for any irregular activity, where possible
•Verify remote status panel operation
• Measure and record harmonic-trap filter currents, where possible
• Review system performance with customer to address any questions and to schedule any repairs
• Provide inspection report, with recommendations, to customer within 7 to 10 business day
• Check the inverter and rectifier snubbers for discoloration or damaged wiring
• Check all contacts to ensure secure connections
• Verify that connections show no signs of discoloration
• Check fuses on the DC capacitor deck for continuity, as applicable
• Clean interior and exterior of unit With customer approval, perform operational test of the system including unit transfer and battery discharge
• Measure and calibrate, as necessary, where possible, all electronics to system specifications
• Measure and record all low-voltage power-supply levels

One-Time PM Battery Scope – Included with UPS Scope

• Measure and record each cell terminal voltage (DC and AC)
• Measure and record overall system DC voltage and current levels
• Measure and record ambient room temperature
• Measure and record temperature of all negative posts Measure and record AC ripple voltage and current
• Measure and record VDC and VAC of jar/cell (cell #1 + post to frame ground; frame ground to – post of last cell in string)
• Check jar and cover for signs of leakage
• Check for corrosion on terminal post and connector
• Check general appearance and cleanliness of battery room and batteries
• Review customer battery maintenance logs and add maintenance entry
• Safety check: confirm proper warning/hazard labels
• Safety check: confirm proper operational information, placards, and labeling
• Safety check: check safety equipment and supplies for proper amount and location
• Provide inspection report with recommendations to Customer within 7 to 10 business days
• Torque battery to manufacturer's specification (if connection resistance measures greater than 20% of average)
• Clean and re-secure all battery terminals and jumper connections, as applicable (up to 20%)
• Clean and neutralize jar and rack/cabinet, as applicable
• Load test each jar or use equivalent device