FGC can actively monitor your UPS & batteries remotely from our Wisconsin based NOC.  By actively monitoring your UPS we can react quickly to any maintenance issues and proactively dispatch a local technician before risk of downtime.  

Our NOC team will start by reviewing your UPS specification to help determine normal operation parameters.  Then we overlay your requirements to ensure the UPS & batteries are functioning within your ideal operating conditions and meet your business needs.  

UPS monitoring services

This includes monitoring items such as:
1)   Load levels per phase
2)  Operational status (online vs. bypass)
3)  Input/output breaker position
4)  UPS temperature alarms
5)  Fan failure alarms
6)  Battery voltage DC Buss
7)  Battery voltage cell level (if available)
8)  Battery temperature alarms
9)  Battery breaker position

During the set up process we asses any critical applications, corresponding alarms/events and produce a playbook with appropriate escalation procedures.  The playbook becomes your management instruction that we follow in the event of any remote alarming or service warnings. It can cost as low as a few dollars a day and we will watch your UPS remotely for any alarms or potential risk. During any alarm or event we will follow the customized playbook and dispatch accordingly.  This dispatch process can involve your facilities team as needed. For example, if something happens after hours or during weekends, we can address any service calls without requiring a “hands on” approach from your team.  Once we have dispatched, we will update the appropriate point of contact on your team with any necessary information per your playbook.  If you require certain levels of authorization before dispatch, we can ensure this happens too.  We tailor your playbook to your requirements and follow it 100%.

When using FGC NOC Service as your dispatch partner, you can rest assured your UPS is being monitored 24/7/365 by an experienced analyst dedicated to your company’s playbook.  

Click below to see an example playbook that FGC can provide.