Uninterruptible Power Supply
Technical Support


FGC Service can appreciate that not every situation requires a dispatch.  Many times a simple nuisance alarm can be reset with the proper uninterruptible power supply technical support over the phone.  FGC also understands that the OEMs can be difficult to get a hold of or may not continue to support older pieces of equipment. Your UPS may be old enough that it is no longer supported, but not old enough to replace.  This is where we can help. Call our US based NOC and we can leverage our decades of industry UPS experience to walk you through any situation with technical support over the phone.  If you know the manufacture and model of your UPS, we can support you. Even if your UPS is not currently supported by the original equipment manufacturer, we can still help. We own an extensive electronic library of manufacturer technical literature and operating manuals.  The first 15 minutes of technical support by phone are free and anything after that requires authorization to bill at a competitive rate. Our technical analysts are available 24/7/365 and willing to help on any UPS support need.

uninterruptible power supply technical support

A list of easily resolved nuisance alarms**

UPS on Bypass
Battery Breaker Open
Bypass Over / Under    
Frequency Bypass Over / Under Voltage Input Over / Under    
Frequency Input Over / Under    
Voltage Input Breaker Open
Summary Alarm
Battery Test Failed

**It is possible that the above cannot be cleared with phone support but often can be if there is not some sort of component failure or catastrophic failure.