Facility Gateway Corporation (FGC) is a Madison, Wisconsin based UPS Service Company that has been in business since 2008. Our 70,000 square foot facility houses our administrative, sales, operations, and technical staff, as well as over 25,000 square feet of warehouse space containing several million in UPS equipment, . We have a staff of 40+ professionals to put to work for you.


At FGC, we pride ourselves on quality customer service, sound operational integrity and overall industry experience in the UPS service & critical markets. Our mission is to partner with your organization to ensure that your mission critical UPS experiences 100% uptime.


Our goal is to minimize the risk of power failure by taking a preventive approach to managing the UPS and battery systems, thus limiting any potential risk of downtime. When the time is right, we can recommend and budget for proper life cycle replacement to help maximize the overall efficiency and ensure that your budget dollars are justifiably spent. We want to take on the risk and worry of managing the environment so that you can focus on your business.


FGC is not an IT company, but a National UPS service company that understands your needs.  Our local technicians are seasoned veterans with decades of industry knowledge. Most have been factory trained by the OEMs and can work on most UPS models and all KVA sizes.  We specialize in three phase applications, but can appreciate the need to do single phase UPS maintenance too.  We will communicate with key stakeholders regarding UPS service and battery maintenance as required and ensure that all Field Service Reports are analyzed and properly addressed.  We are your UPS service partner. Through our integrated project life cycle process we are able to provide a complete plan to ensure your UPS is reliable, operates within budget, and does not experience downtime. This plan is a collaboration of your company and our experts to discover a well thought out and executable road map for proper operation and maintenance that also accounts for future growth and technology changes.