We can appreciate the complexity that comes with any UPS decision.  If your UPS is reaching a certain age and your company is looking for options and recommendations, we are your partner.  If you need help performing load calculations, reviewing carbon footprint, determining the right sizing for growth, deciding on maintenance levels, or reviewing levels of redundancy our sales staff is willing to help.  We can meter and take actual power measurements at appropriate distribution points to ensure we are working with the correct data.  After taking measurements, we can compare the information to your utility bill trends to cross-check our data. We are not interested in recommending any solution; we want to spend time on site to make sure you are considering the right solution.  Our process will vet out any discussion points so we can educate you on your options so you become comfortable with any potential changes on the horizon. This includes recommendations on service and maintenance levels, battery PM frequencies, or Full Service vs. PM only contract discussions.  If you just need a second set of eyes to inform you what type of equipment you have, we can assist.

FGC Service can provide a UPS site survey anywhere across the United States. Our experienced and dedicated staff is here to support you. 

UPS Site survey conducted by one of our technicians

Typical Executive Summary from a Site Survey
• Review physical floor plan
• Load levels and electrical profile
• Review UPS Input & Output switchgear
• Review downstream electrical distribution
• Discuss potential environmental impact (cooling)
• Review maintenance and technical support requirements
• Discuss potential installation time frames and pre-planned downtime
• Review additional services: load bank testing, startup requirements, breaker coordination, thermal imaging
• Discuss potential equipment trade-in
• Update existing asset data