Preventative Maintenance SOP of UPS Systems

Does your UPS system need a check up? Even if your UPS seems to be functioning perfectly, it’s important to be on the offense before problems arise. That’s where great preventative maintenance visits come in handy. No matter your UPS system’s manufacturer, your company needs a reliable technician that can be called on site to conduct preventative maintenance check-ins.  


In this article, we will outline a few of the standard checklist items our technicians use during a maintenance visit. As an organization that relies on its UPS system in the event of a power outage, you know that fantastic maintenance services are absolutely crucial for proper UPS uptime, and not the area you want to neglect.


SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for Preventative Maintenance of UPS Systems:

Here are some of the items that are included in a One-Time UPS System Preventative Maintenance Visit:


·        Perform a complete visual inspection of all internal sub-assemblies, wiring harnesses, connections, cables, and major components    

·        Check for proper clearance around the unit

·        Perform temperature checks on all breakers, connections, and associated controls and then report all high-temperature areas

·        Check for cleanliness; then clean or replace as needed

·        Check rectifier and inverter snubber circuit board for discoloration

·        Check power capacitors for swelling or leakage

·        Check capacitor vent caps extruded more than 1/8fans for proper operation

·        Lubricate and check bearings for abnormal condition, where possible

·        Record all meter readings and calibrate as necessary, where possible

·        Measure and record phase-to-phase input, output, bypass, and battery voltages and currents, where possible

·        Review alarm log/history for any irregular activity, where possible

·        Verify remote status panel operation

·        Measure and record harmonic-trap filter currents, where possible

·        Check the inverter and rectifier snubbers for discoloration or damaged wiring

·        Check all contacts to ensure secure connections

·        Verify that connections show no signs of discoloration

·        Check fuses on the DC capacitor deck for continuity, as applicable

·        Clean interior and exterior of unit (with your approval)

·        Perform operational test of the system including unit transfer and battery discharge

·        Measure and calibrate, as necessary, where possible, all electronics to system specifications

·        Measure and record all low-voltage power-supply levels

·        Review system performance with you, and address any questions you may have, as well as schedule any needed repairs

·        Provide a comprehensive inspection report, with recommendations within 7 to 10 business days


When choosing a partner for the preventative maintenance of your UPS System, pay special attention to the qualifications required of their technicians. It is true that not all technicians are created equal – for example, some technicians may have the intellect, but lack the practical hands-on experience to provide adequate maintenance services for your equipment.


At Facility Gateway Corporation, we believe in employing only the most dedicated technicians. Our technicians average twenty or more years of experience. They are factory trained, and work on all UPS makes and models from all manufacturers. Stationed across the nation, FGC technicians are always available at anytime in your local area. And at FGC, our promise to our clients is that our technicians will follow outlined Standard Operating Procedures 100% of the time.


Also included in our One-Time UPS System Preventative Maintenance Visit is a check-up for your UPS Systems’ battery. This includes:


·        Measure and record each cell terminal voltage(DC and AC)

·        Measure and record overall system DC voltage and current levels

·        Measure and record ambient room temperature

·        Measure and record temperature of all negative posts

·        Measure and record AC ripple voltage and current

·        Measure and record VDC and VAC of jar/cell (cell#1 + post to frame ground; frame ground to – post of last cell in string)

·        Check jar and cover for signs of leakage

·        Check for corrosion on terminal post and connector

·        Check general appearance and cleanliness of battery room and batteries

·        Review your company’s battery maintenance logs and add maintenance entry

·        Safety check: confirm proper warning/hazard labels

·        Safety check: confirm proper operational information, placards, and labeling

·        Safety check: check safety equipment and supplies for proper amount and location

·        Torque battery to manufacturer's specification(if connection resistance measures greater than 20% of average)

·        Clean and re-secure all battery terminals and jumper connections, as applicable (up to 20%)

·        Clean and neutralize jar and rack/cabinet, as applicable

·        Load test each jar or use equivalent device

·        Provide inspection report with recommendations to you within 7 to 10 business days


Another important consideration for your UPS System preventative maintenance partner is its battery and stocking capabilities. At Facility Gateway Corporation, we know we could not provide the high level of quality service that we’re able to deliver to our clients if we did not have superior access to great batteries and parts. We also understand that breadth is key, which is why we stock several million dollars of inventory in parts, batteries, and replacement equipment nationally. We carry both OEM certified and third-party parts to ensure your UPS system has the highest possible uptime on our watch.


Facility Gateway Corporation provides emergency responses to our clients twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.  Our Wisconsin-based National Operations Center is staffed all night and day, with analysts who are experienced, knowledgeable, and connected.  Because of our non-stop customer service system, we are always just moments from dispatching a quality technician to your site at any time you call. We have local Field Engineers across the nation at the ready.


If you find you are in need of phone tech support in the middle of the night, you’re completely covered when you choose to partner with FGC. Until your UPS is back online, we will stay on-site to ensure you will have no more additional downtime.


Contact Facility Gateway Corporation (FGC) at any time at 866-255-6030 for emergency UPS & battery service needs, or call our U.S. based National Operating Center at866-432-1711. Let us be your partner for uninterruptible power supply services.


Whether you are looking for a recommendation or simply budget conscience, FGC is willing to conduct a one-time UPS maintenance visit as necessary at any location. Facility Gateway understands the importance of proper UPS maintenance, regardless of its original manufacturer. To speak with one of our UPS system experts directly, we invite you to contact us via our online contact form, or start a chat with our team in the chat feature at the bottom right corner of this page!

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January 7, 2022


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