Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Service

Facility Gateway Corporation (FGC) is a Madison, Wisconsin-based UPS Service Company that has been in business since 2008. We have a staff of 40+ professionals ready to work for you. Looking for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Service? You’ve come to the right place. Here are some of our most popular services: 

Maintenance Contracts 

FGC is happy to customize a UPS service contract to your company’s unique needs. We serve as your single point of contact to manage your critical power, a service that saves our clients valuable time and money. 

First, we’ll communicate on-site with your IT and Facility Managers to learn about your goals, objectives, and service requirements. Then, we’ll create a detailed business proposal. Lastly, we’ll oversee your method of procedures (MOPs), standard operating procedures (SOPs),and comprehensive service program to ensure all assets are performing at the highest standards. 

Through our extensive post preventative maintenance(PM) technical review, we will examine your field service reports (FSR) and perform an open dialog assessment taking any CAPEX/OPEX requirements and cost-saving opportunities into consideration regarding your UPS maintenance. 

We offer three main UPS service coverage options: PM,PM Plus, and Full Service. With all three options, you’ll receive technical support and emergency service dispatched by FGC. With PM Plus and Full-Service plans, you’ll receive a guaranteed response time. And our Full-Service plans cover all electrical components except batteries and no more than 10% of the total capacitors. 

Of course, our contracts are customizable, and our service team can design a hybrid maintenance contract for all UPS systems to include different levels of service for each UPS. Our extensive vendor network is nationwide and in parts of Canada. This network includes OEM, third-party service companies, and FGC technicians placed on-site for expert support. 

One Time PMs 

Don’t need a full maintenance contract, but interested in a professional checkup? FGC has you covered. Whether you’ll looking for a straight answer, a recommendation, or you’re keeping to a tight budget, FGC is available for one-time UPS maintenance visits at any location. 

For a full list detailing the comprehensive scope of our preventative maintenance visits, visit our One-Time PM page

Emergency Service 

Our clients love our fast and professional response times. FGC is proud to provide emergency UPS and battery service nationally. FGC supports all OEMs, and we’re able to bring OEM representatives to your location when needed. We have local field engineers stationed across the country, waiting for your dispatch. We’ll stay on-site with you until you’re back online. 

Our technicians average 20+ years of experience and work on all UPS makes and models. We always provide FSRs (field service reports) and RCAs (root cause analyses) after every emergency call. When you need it most, you’re in good hands. 

Site Survey 

Looking for another set of eyes from UPS experts? You might benefit from a site survey. FGC helps perform load calculations, can review your carbon footprint, help determine sizing for growth, and even review levels of redundancy. We’ll meter and take actual power measurements to make sure you have the right data going forward. Our experts will educate you on your options for any changes you might be considering. 

A typical executive summary from a site survey includes a review of your physical floor plan, load level and electrical profile, a review of your UPS input and output switchgear, a review of downstream electrical distribution, and much more. Visit our UPS Site Survey page to learn more. 

Add Generator & HVAC Service 

FGC clients can always add an HVAC, PDU, fire suppression, or any other critical equipment to their existing contract.  If you’re working with a preferred vendor, we can add them to our existing FGC Service Network and continue to manage the process on your behalf.  FGC is happy to take on the responsibility of serving as your support company, working with vendors to implement the right solutions.

Our Facility Keys™ software platform enables us to hold all vendors to your pre-approved scopes and MOPs. Our Account Management Team can review quotes provided by vendors to ensure the correct scope of service is provided at a reasonable cost.  And as always, we double-check scope and workmanship for our clients.  

Rental Services 

FGC understands the importance of having zero downtime.  When you’re in need of a temporary critical power solution, we can help.  We provide our clients access to rental equipment solutions nationally and can dispatch at a moment’s notice.  Whether you have a pre-planned or emergency need, our 24/7/365U.S.-based National Operations Center is just a phone call away.  

We also have an extensive network of qualified electricians available to provide hook-up services if needed. Whether you need equipment for a few hours or a few months, FGC has you covered.  And if your project runs over, don’t worry - FGC’s monthly rate will stay consistent, without any 'gotcha' price changes.  

Construction Management 

FGC partners with clients as their Critical Facility Construction Administrator, allowing us to serve as a single point-of-contact for clients to communicate their project needs. We stay focused on your design and construction needs so that you can stay focused on growing your business. 

FGC is a leader in critical facility infrastructure projects from concept & design to data center construction management. Specializing in projects involving critical electrical and mechanical infrastructure of technical facilities, we add to our core services by utilizing local, customer-selected vendors, contractors, and service providers. 

Our data center construction management plan includes overseeing the process of procurement, construction, project management, and commissioning and testing those results in a data center standard that exceeds your expectations. 

NOC Monitoring 

Our National Operations Center (NOC) is based in the United States and is available 24/7, 365 days a year by phone. If you ever have an emergency service need, simply call our NOC at (866)255-6030.  Our NOC is always ready to assess, dispatch, and oversee equipment emergencies quickly and accurately. For current clients, FGC actively monitors UPS batteries remotely from our Wisconsin office. 

Through active monitoring, we can react quickly to any issue and proactively dispatch a local technician before downtime occurs. We monitor a full range of metrics, such as load levels per phase, operational status, input/output breaker position, UPS and battery temperature alarms, fan failure alarms, battery voltage DC buss and call level, and battery breaker position. Visit our NOC monitoring page to learn more.

Billable Technical Support 

FGC knows that not every situation requires a dispatch.  Sometimes, a simple nuisance alarm can be reset with the proper uninterruptible power supply technical support over the phone.  Is your UPS too old to be supported by the OEM, but not old enough to replace? This is where FGC comes in: call our U.S.-based National Operations Center, and we’ll walk you through any situation with technical support over the phone -24/7, 365 days a year.  

Our experienced technicians have an extensive electronic library of manufacturer technical literature and operating manuals at the ready.  The first 15 minutes of technical support by phone are free, and anything after that is billed (with our authorization) at a competitive rate. 

For all things UPS, Contact FGC Today. 

To speak with one of our UPS system experts directly, we invite you to contact us via our online contact form, or start a chat with our team in the chat feature at the bottom right corner of this page!



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March 18, 2022


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