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Data Center Decommissioning & Asset Removal Services

Generator, UPS & HVAC Liquidation

Data Center Decommissioning

Facility Gateway Corporation (FGC) understands the never-ending process of acquiring, maintaining, decommissioning and reacquiring critical data center equipment. Data center decommissioning and equipment upgrades are a natural part of this process. We can assist in this area by acquiring your older equipment and/or selling you new or refurbished equipment to meet your current requirements. Let us help with your data center decommissioning and replacement equipment needs.

Data Center Asset Removal - Selling Your Used Equipment

We purchase most used data center equipment including UPS backups, HVAC systems, switchgear, and power generators. If we purchase your equipment, we can assist with the removal process. Your equipment values will depend upon age and saleability. Even older equipment can sometimes have value for our parts inventory. We offer professional decommissioning, asset removal, packaging and rigging equipment from your site. If your equipment has no resale value, we can provide recycling services with certification.

Save Big on Refurbished Equipment

In today's tight economy, companies are always looking for ways to save money. With refurbished used equipment, you get the same performance as new at a savings of 30% to 50%. At FGC, we carry a full range of refurbished data center equipment.

We Also Sell New Equipment

If your requirement demands new equipment, we can help. FGC is an authorized reseller of multiple brands of data center equipment.

Save on Equipment Maintenance

Like the purchase of refurbished equipment, you can also save big on data center equipment maintenance. Using a combination of OEM and 3rd party technicians, rates are lower than solely using the OEM. And you get faster turnaround and quality technical service. We can even service legacy equipment, as we have access to proprietary stock and difficult to find parts.

Put Our Expertise to Work for You

FGC has over 20 years of experience reselling critical cooling and critical power equipment. We provide sales and service nationwide. Our sales team has the right industry knowledge to help with your new or refurbished equipment needs. We also have a 5,000 square foot on-site refurbishment lab and test bay where we perform any necessary repairs or upgrades to used equipment prior to resale.

Data center decommissioning

Contact us today and let us: 1) help with your data center asset removal; 2) data center decommissioning; 3) quote to purchase your used equipment; 4) provide a quote for a refurbished equipment solution and/or; 4) help you save money on equipment maintenance.